First Day of Snow (2017)

In photography, fortune favors the brave. Many photojournalists made it to the cover of famous magazines and newspapers because they defied the norm and braved the imminent danger to capture and share with you the images that fear have denied us.

I woke up today witnessing the first day of snow here in the Illinois Valley. I honestly think that snow arrived pretty late this year. I’ve been meaning to take pictures of winter.

Extreme temperatures are one of the cameras’ and photographers’ nemesis. But as my opening line says, fortune favors the brave. Clothed in double hoodies and gloves, with my camera wrap in a scarf, I set out to capture these images around my beloved hometown, Dalzell, IL.





Gary and I, as I always tell people, have a “love-and-hate” relationship. I love her, she hates me. The only time we’re friends is when I share my fried or chicken nuggets with her.

Earlier today, Matt went out for his appointment, and it’s just me and Gary at home. So I guess she got bored roaming around the house¬† and just decided to join me in the bedroom. While holding my camera and going through the webinar I attended last night, the rarest thing happened. I notice Gary posing!

So here are Gary’s portrait pictures. No post-production edit of whatsoever!