Hands and Marvels

  Almost every part of a human anatomy plays a vital part.  It is amazing to realize that our hands, combined with imagination and ingenuity, are capable of unimaginable marvel. It is still winter time of 2018 and my husband and I decided to visit a museum in downtown Chicago for the weekend. After about 1.5hours of [...]

First Day of Snow (2017)

In photography, fortune favors the brave. Many photojournalists made it to the cover of famous magazines and newspapers because they defied the norm and braved the imminent danger to capture and share with you the images that fear have denied us. I woke up today witnessing the first day of snow here in the Illinois [...]

The Pumpkins of Fall

The fall season marks the end of the steaming weathers. It is the time when you can enjoy the cooler air. And alas, tree leaves give their last hurrah as they change to their different beautiful shades of colors.  The feel of fun fair fills the air and everyone anticipates Halloween night. And soon after, [...]