First Day of Snow (2017)

In photography, fortune favors the brave. Many photojournalists made it to the cover of famous magazines and newspapers because they defied the norm and braved the imminent danger to capture and share with you the images that fear have denied us.

I woke up today witnessing the first day of snow here in the Illinois Valley. I honestly think that snow arrived pretty late this year. I’ve been meaning to take pictures of winter.

Extreme temperatures are one of the cameras’ and photographers’ nemesis. But as my opening line says, fortune favors the brave. Clothed in double hoodies and gloves, with my camera wrap in a scarf, I set out to capture these images around my beloved hometown, Dalzell, IL.


The Pumpkins of Fall

The fall season marks the end of the steaming weathers. It is the time when you can enjoy the cooler air. And alas, tree leaves give their last hurrah as they change to their different beautiful shades of colors.  The feel of fun fair fills the air and everyone anticipates Halloween night. And soon after, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today, as we were driving home, we came across a pumpkin patch along Cougar Drive in Peru, IL.


Pumpkin Patch at Cougar Drive, Peru IL.



Pumpkin Patch at Cougar Drive, Peru IL.




Pumpkin Patch at Cougar Drive, Peru IL.




The Historic City of LaSalle, IL

The bistro at the corner of Joliet and 1st Street
The bistro at the corner of Joliet and 1st Street

Once known as the Little Reno, LaSalle is one of the bigger cities in the Illinois Valley, right next to Peru, IL. One early evening, while driving around town looking for a restaurant, I noticed the traces of its past. The pillars and frames of the buildings, the cobblestone streets, the store windows, all reflect a glorious history.  And the more I read about LaSalle, the more it interests me.

315 Carus
315 Carus Building, Peru IL

As I skim through the long history of LaSalle, the last name Carus is never far behind in every paragraph together with another prominent last name Hegeler.

Westclox Building
Westclox Building

Regarded as one of the biggest employers during that time, Westclox produced some of the best clocks and watches in the market. Founded under the name United Clock Company by Charles Stahlberg, it was built to manufacture clocks based on Stahlberg’s technological break-through. Unfortunately, Westclox  is now closed.

WestClox Fence
The steel fence that guards the Westclox Building.
Train Track
Tracks bound to LaSalle-Peru Station

During weekends, these tracks were once  traversed by the trains that brought hundreds of  patrons to the streets of LaSalle for the Saturday night revelry.

Disclaimer: The images and letters are by me, based on Wikipedia entry for the  city of LaSalle and Westclox  .

Home at Chestnut Street

I intended to take pictures of downtown La Salle, IL today. I wanted to do so because I want to practice taking photographs of landscapes. However, I had that certain feeling which pulled me away from doing it today. I chose to give in and just stay at home.

Well, it looks like the day wasn’t a complete waste after all. I was able to capture these images to share with you.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I might post some pictures of downtown La Salle in Illinois. It was once called The Little Reno of Illinois.

Starved Rock Twines

Starved Rock is one of the few attractions in the Illinois valley area. It’s a great place to visit any time of the year. Although you’ll get the best view and experience if you visit during the Spring through Fall season.

I first visited the place a few weeks after I arrived here in the US. I believe my husband had to bring me there to earn my right of passage in the Illinois valley. Spending my life mostly in the city, I can appreciate the beauty of the place. There are so many trees and seeing the river from a cliff at a great height, makes you appreciate the presence of the wooden deck. The hike on the other hand, is another story. There are paved and wooden path walks, but I’m just not built for hiking.

The name Starved Rock is from a sad story. The place was a witness to the bravery of the natives and their deaths as they stood for what they believed in at the rock they made a fortress out of.

Here are a few of the pictures that I have taken during my recent visit to the park. I tried to capture these images with artistry in mind. I am hoping to capture some of the elements in the park. But it is not my intention to capture its essence. That is for you to find out when you visit Starved Rock.


I have always been fascinated with photography. When my mom me gave my first camera, a 35mm film Kodak Cameo, I thought it was amazing. And during that time, it was. We were never rich, and we all know how expensive photography can be. As I grew older and more responsibilities were to prioritized, this was put aside.

As time went on and with phone cameras made available in the market, I was able to at least take pictures again. The images on the slide slow are those I have captured with phone cameras.