Hands and Marvels


Almost every part of a human anatomy plays a vital part.  It is amazing to realize that our hands, combined with imagination and ingenuity, are capable of unimaginable marvel.

It is still winter time of 2018 and my husband and I decided to visit a museum in downtown Chicago for the weekend. After about 1.5hours of driving, we are welcomed with the Chicago skyline. Tall buildings, large company signs, and vehicles that filled the roads with an endless supply of people going in and out of the “Windy City”.

The Art Institute of Chicago is located at 111 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago Illinois. It is considered as one of the oldest and largest museums in the United States. Under its roof are some of the priceless pieces of history and art.

Here are some of the beautiful pieces of art that are on display at the museum. I was only able to take a few because I can’t help but appreciate all that my eyes can see.

We were not able to go through all of the exhibits in the museum. Most of the streets that lead to the museum that day were blocked to give way to a peaceful rally (totally different story) being held near it. This caused us to park (at $41 for 2 hours) about 4 blocks away from the museum and just walk.

We promised ourselves that we’ll go back there. But we’ll surely plan ahead to avoid unexpected surprises.