Starved Rock Twines

Legacy and beauty of the brave.

Starved Rock is one of the few attractions in the Illinois valley area. It’s a great place to visit any time of the year. Although you’ll get the best view and experience if you visit during the Spring through Fall season.

I first visited the place a few weeks after I arrived here in the US. I believe my husband had to bring me there to earn my right of passage in the Illinois valley. Spending my life mostly in the city, I can appreciate the beauty of the place. There are so many trees and seeing the river from a cliff at a great height, makes you appreciate the presence of the wooden deck. The hike on the other hand, is another story. There are paved and wooden path walks, but I’m just not built for hiking.

The name Starved Rock is from a sad story. The place was a witness to the bravery of the natives and their deaths as they stood for what they believed in at the rock they made a fortress out of.

Here are a few of the pictures that I have taken during my recent visit to the park. I tried to capture these images with artistry in mind. I am hoping to capture some of the elements in the park. But it is not my intention to capture its essence. That is for you to find out when you visit Starved Rock.

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