Commencements (Part 2)

On the following day, off to Illinois Valley Community College, I went.  It is my good friend Kathy’s graduation ceremony. As I was taking pictures to treasure the moment, I couldn’t help but be personally proud of her. While she is a full-time student at IVCC, she also manages to balance her time with work and her amazing family. I appreciate that she asked me to tag along with them to capture some of their once in a lifetime moments.

The Graduate
Daughter, Mother, and Grandmother.
Daughter, Mother, and Grandmother.
4 Generations
4 Generations

Congratulations,  Kathy!

Commencements (Part 1)

It’s been a while since I posted something here. There had been a lot of changes in my life lately that prevented me from taking photographs.

As May is graduation season, I was invited to join both a high school and a college ceremony.

Kayla is my good friend Kelly’s beautiful daughter. I am very happy to see her graduate from high school. After all, my husband did graduate from the same school.






Congratulations, Kayla!

Hands and Marvels


Almost every part of a human anatomy plays a vital part.  It is amazing to realize that our hands, combined with imagination and ingenuity, are capable of unimaginable marvel.

It is still winter time of 2018 and my husband and I decided to visit a museum in downtown Chicago for the weekend. After about 1.5hours of driving, we are welcomed with the Chicago skyline. Tall buildings, large company signs, and vehicles that filled the roads with an endless supply of people going in and out of the “Windy City”.

The Art Institute of Chicago is located at 111 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago Illinois. It is considered as one of the oldest and largest museums in the United States. Under its roof are some of the priceless pieces of history and art.

Here are some of the beautiful pieces of art that are on display at the museum. I was only able to take a few because I can’t help but appreciate all that my eyes can see.

We were not able to go through all of the exhibits in the museum. Most of the streets that lead to the museum that day were blocked to give way to a peaceful rally (totally different story) being held near it. This caused us to park (at $41 for 2 hours) about 4 blocks away from the museum and just walk.

We promised ourselves that we’ll go back there. But we’ll surely plan ahead to avoid unexpected surprises.

First Day of Snow (2017)

In photography, fortune favors the brave. Many photojournalists made it to the cover of famous magazines and newspapers because they defied the norm and braved the imminent danger to capture and share with you the images that fear have denied us.

I woke up today witnessing the first day of snow here in the Illinois Valley. I honestly think that snow arrived pretty late this year. I’ve been meaning to take pictures of winter.

Extreme temperatures are one of the cameras’ and photographers’ nemesis. But as my opening line says, fortune favors the brave. Clothed in double hoodies and gloves, with my camera wrap in a scarf, I set out to capture these images around my beloved hometown, Dalzell, IL.


The Pumpkins of Fall

The fall season marks the end of the steaming weathers. It is the time when you can enjoy the cooler air. And alas, tree leaves give their last hurrah as they change to their different beautiful shades of colors.  The feel of fun fair fills the air and everyone anticipates Halloween night. And soon after, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today, as we were driving home, we came across a pumpkin patch along Cougar Drive in Peru, IL.


Pumpkin Patch at Cougar Drive, Peru IL.



Pumpkin Patch at Cougar Drive, Peru IL.




Pumpkin Patch at Cougar Drive, Peru IL.







Gary and I, as I always tell people, have a “love-and-hate” relationship. I love her, she hates me. The only time we’re friends is when I share my fried or chicken nuggets with her.

Earlier today, Matt went out for his appointment, and it’s just me and Gary at home. So I guess she got bored roaming around the house  and just decided to join me in the bedroom. While holding my camera and going through the webinar I attended last night, the rarest thing happened. I notice Gary posing!

So here are Gary’s portrait pictures. No post-production edit of whatsoever!



Fall is officially here and as much as I wanted to capture the beautiful colors of autumn on my day-off, it’s pouring out today. So I forced my mother-in-law’s sister into dressing up again for a quick portrait photoshoot right at the front porch of the house.